Dynama is a turn-based business simulation developed at the department of marketing at Hanken School of Economics, Finland. In the game, players compete against each others in teams that represent companies on a new market for home appliances.

The game's simulation models are based on long-term research on consumers' adoption of innovations. The game can be used as an aid in the teaching of basic marketing concepts such as the marketing mix, market segmentation and research, and strategic marketing thinking. It can also be used to show how the different functions of a company (i.e. marketing, R&D, accounting and finance) relate to each other.


Student testimonials

"The Dynama game was an enjoyable experience and one of the most interesting learning tools we have encountered during our studies."


"The game was great because we were able to test our theoretical knowledge in a nearly realistic setting. We got to experience of many of the concepts we had learned during class in practice, such as product lifecycle, marketing mix, etc."


"The game was a fun change from the usual academic studies."


"The game is definitely a good way to help students think more widely about the effects of different types of decisions on the company as a whole."